Of Light & Shadow | A 2.5D Platformer Puzzler Hybrid - Short Description

2013 - "Of Light & Shadow" is nominated at the "Indie A MAZE", Berlin
The Most Amazing Indie Game 2013

2012 - "Of Light & Shadow" wins at the "Content Award", Vienna
Sonderpreis Wien Holding — Gamesproduktion

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Master the Lights!
Of Light & Shadow is a puzzle-platformer with a "light" twist, combining two areas in each Level, light and shadow, as well as two protagonists in one playable character, Dr. Shadow and Mr. Light.
While either of them can only survive in either light or shadow areas, the player must constantly switch between them and make the right decision about whose abilities to utilise.

Greenlight and new Levels!
We have put Of Light & Shadow on Steam Greenlight! Even if it gets greenlit, it'll stay free. Please vote for us via the button beneath.

Oh, and the best bit: the "Greenlight-Version" offers additional Levels! So after you complete the regular game, you are in for a treat! Just click one of the buttons underneath to get playing!